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Interesting Times

Originally posted on February 15, 2017

215/ posted These are interesting times. I’ve taken a break from writing on my blog for no other reason that I have no idea how to do that. Meanwhile, I’ve moved out to San Luis Obispo, near the coast of California on Highway 101 half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco, north of Santa Barbara, south of Monterey. My daughter and her family live there and they can help care for us as we age. I’m writing now in mid-February and will put it on my blog in mid-March with the help of computer consultants.

We’re staying at a nice residence for a month to help my mother-in-law, who’s 101, and for a “soft landing” (I call it) while we find a place to rent, etc. Lots of et cetera care of “Grandy” (as the kids call her). It’s between hell and heaven, which has been my life—some overloading stress and lots of heaven. It’s not that I can complain, given my own personal angel-wife, and much help and types of good fortune, but I’m used to a step up in freedom from stress. Many people are several steps down in their being embroiled in stress, so I shouldn’t complain.

Indeed, it’s been a meditation theme on how much is really lessons-in-life and how much is too much and how much is cushy. Most of what’s been happening is cushy—that’s a word I find useful to describe our residence and circumstances—but it’s on the edge of overloading to me, partly because I’ve really had it so very good.

Oh, there was a tiny bit of stress and disappointments back there in Georgetown north of Austin where we lived, but hardly. Meanwhile my wife / “shveetie” was growing stronger, and the community was blah blah rationalization. I hear an old song lyric in my mind: “Why oh why o did we leave Ohio?” Realistically, things will get much better here—but when? Sigh.

So in summary, things change, and hello again.

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