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The Super-Conscious “Unconscious”

Originally posted on August 16, 2017

It occurs to me that it’s possible that what people call the unconscious mind is at least partially super-conscious. It isn’t repressed so much because it’s nasty and we don’t want to think such thoughts, but rather the things it’s thinking are so subtle that they can’t be recognized, or so subtle that there are no words for expressing them. Perhaps super-consciousness would totally boggle our minds and thus mercifully represses itself. That is to say, a fair part of what we call “unconscious” is not less conscious or childlike, but more conscious and beyond-our-understanding! That is to say, it’s not just pushed down because its morally repugnant. It is so complex and subtle that no words can effectively express it. The adult human psyche defends itself from what would be morally unthinkable, but rather the mind unconsciously avoids that which it cannot conceive!

Consider that you don’t even know how you move your bowels, or heal a cut. You don’t avoid this knowledge; rather, you can’t even begin to take responsibility for its subtlety. That is, it’s not just “Let’s not look at what we’re doing,” but rather what we’re doing is so subtle and complex that you couldn’t begin to understand! Super-conscious mind is much faster and more clever than you are. Some of what is unconscious is indeed repressed—Freud was in this sense dimly cor-rect; but much of the out-of-conscious-mind is not so much repressed as mind-boggling.

Parts of the unconscious is indeed influenced by childhood, but much of the unconscious mind  isn’t at all childlike or naive! So we need to re-think the subconscious mind, giving it far more power than we have. Freud made it just hidden and child-like so he could analyze it, but analyses took years and they didn’t do half as well as they thought they could. I don’t think it occurred to Freud that the unconscious mind could think circles around him! That’s because the unconscious mind is so very clever. You couldn’t make up this stuff half so well! Radical idea, but fits with learn how to relax and let your higher unconscious do its thing

Psychosomatic illness is a great trick. If we recognize the unconscious mind as far smarter, we’ll see it as more clever, and indeed so clever as to disguise and out-think any simple “interpretation.” Georg Groddek—an early 20th century physician with an overlay of some psychoanalytic thinking— was closer to the truth that we are lived by an “It” that is us but far more clever than us. Some interpretations offer the deep mind a new outlet, and sometimes it works, but that doesn’t mean that the one doing the interpretation really understands.

Healing is at the high 8th or even 9th dimension. All we can do is surrender to it, obey it, serve it. The “Higher Unconscious” is unconscious because it would boggle our brains (literally) to know what it’s doing. Consciousness is a narrow but necessary layer to serve God in certain ways, but it is not the be-all and end-all by any means. It’s an attack on human narcissism. It’s just not true that if it can’t be thought (by humans) it’s not worth thinking. That’s so painfully narcissistic, but one must open to super-human intelligence to get there.

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