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Translations and Publication in Psychodrama

Originally posted on August 10, 2017

New technologies have arrived: There are programs that can help in translation, and other programs that can post translated papers linked with their originals. In light of these developments, I have hopes that much of the psychodrama literature can be posted and translated for the many people in other countries who don’t speak English. Many of these countries also have their own books, articles, etc., and again it would be nice to translate these into English and/or other languages.

In this way, let’s unify the publications of our small field of psychodrama. Indeed, one could say that it’s a large field, considering the many countries involved. And it’s nested in an even larger field of expressive therapies, drama therapy, as well as other activities that are consciousness-expanding but not in the medical model. I hope to reach out to all these fields, because Moreno’s methods touch areas that deal with creativity in general.

We need translations of journal articles, though I allow that there are few people who want to translate articles—their own or other people’s— into other languages. I’m just sayin’ that it’s needed. We need access to other journal articles in other languages. We need people to give input to the international psychodrama bibliography. I’m getting old and may not be able to do it much longer, but it’s a task that needs to be done! We need input from cultures in the Far East that don’t share the Roman alphabet, and also from the Middle East—even those that don’t have national organizations. And also we need translations of articles that speak to applications of psychodramatic methods in non-psychotherapeutic settings. All these I need others to do. I’ll supply the articles to translate.

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