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The Truth About the Truth

Originally posted on August 7, 2017

We are misled by arithmetic, where, according to the rules there is one and only one “right” answer. We absorb this as ultimately true. Things we come to believe cannot have multiple explanations—there can only be one true answer. But consider that there may be multiple valid answers; there may be more than one “truth.”

This leads into an explanation of my drawings and explanations. The problem is that there are no single explanations, no “one” truth. There are many sub-truths that are useful to some but not all.People are more or less ready for a kind of “aha” that “explains” it. But what if there are several meanings, all true, each at its own level or from its own  viewpoint.

That of course is not the way truth operates in the old paradigm. The truth grabs you by the figurative collar and says “this!” which is too often taken as “This Only!” or, worse, “Only This!”

What if God is sorta doing it but need us as brain-cell-equivalents to say “Look what you did!” We help give God some words: You did this. God then says, “Did I?  Pretty good. But don’t take it literally. I also meant that!” We puny-brained humans say, “Well which is it, this or that?”  And God says, “Both.” It’s hard to digest, I know, but truly, both—or to interpret differently, neither. It’s complicated.

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