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A Talk with God about Complexity

Originally posted on March 29, 2017

There’s so much going on, so many factors, such high levels of complexity! I talked to God (my projections, you must understand!) and whined that it was too complicated!

God laughed and said: “Of course it’s complicated! I’m God! I’m a zillion times more complicated and multi-leveled and multi-dimensional and mysterious than people with ten times your brain capacity can understand! Would you have it otherwise?”

And I whined that I couldn’t understand!

God said, “So you feel affronted that I’m not making it simple enough for you.

I replied, “I guess, yeah.”

G: And you feel entitled to this.

Me: Well, you are God. Maybe you can make it simpler.

G: I did sort of. Mind will make it as simple as it can understand. Mind will create myths that it can understand. That’s one of the things mind does.

Me: But is it the truth?

G: Well, mind as it becomes more complex begins to notice its own limitations. That’s the plight of humanity at this point in evolution. Simple myths that sufficed still work for most folks but not for some few. Y’all ask, “There’s got to be more here, what is it?” Answer: It’s way more complicated than you can ever ever ever know.

Then humans whine, why does it have to be so complicated? Answer: Because it is more complicated, more complex, than human minds or even 5x transhuman minds can ever ever know. Open to the mystery!

Me: Oh. that’s your answer?

God: Yep That’s gonna take a whole paradigm shift to accommodate.

Me: Why-how?

God: Because for a few thousand years we’ve been knowing stuff and finding out stuff and we feel entitled to continue to find out stuff.

So, (says God) by all means, do continue. Continue to advance your consciousness, to explore, experiment, theorize, reach, stretch. Just don’t think that you or your descendants are ever ever going to get the whole shebang, the whole understanding, the whole whatever. No way will human life or collective galactic consciousness ever fully “get” it all.
Just getting the idea that getting it is asymptotic limit will be an advance over thinking that this or that myth “explains” it.

It’s perfectly possible to advance without feeling that you must have to “get” there in the end. This is also true because I’m expanding in more ways far faster than anyone can keep up with.

Can you accept that?

Me: gulp, yeah, I guess.

G: Now don’t make this into the “voice out of the whirlwind that spoke to Job” ?

Me: Why not? I mean, sorta you’re saying the same thing.

G: Yeah, I know, but 99% of humans misinterpreted my revelation, although in a way they placed it in the great existential problem of Job’s suffering and his rejection of the low-consciousness pseudo-comforters who tried to peddle their low-consciousness advice, a mixture of reproach, belief, formula, disguised as friendliness.

So what? So learn to live with faith, which is a kind of surrender.

…that’s what I heard, I think… or that’s what I thought i heard, or… that’s what I made up…

One Response to “A Talk with God about Complexity”

  • Max says:

    I think humanity (or the intellectual part of humanity) will never stop reaching to understand itself, because it always needs to analyze current developments in retrospective. This process of analysing and spreading the newly acquired knowledge takes time. And after a good percentage of people know what happened and how the world worked a few time units ago, it already changed again.
    Inquiry or theorizing then is a way of understanding your surroundings and a never-ending quest.
    Progress (of society) can maybe be seen by the complexity of our narratives that we make up as we are inquiring.

    Maybe one can find joy in the complexity and the process?

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