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Far From Decrepit

Originally posted on October 31, 2016

Interesting word, decrepit. I realized at 79.3 that I’m approaching it, decrepitude, but really hardly. I took a class over the last month called “A Matter of Balance” that focused on ageing and falling. And it’s true that I feel less ambitious to attend all sorts of conferences. But I’ve been folk dancing pretty steadily once a week for about 25 years, and less steadily before that, but really overall for over 50 years; less frequently for ballroom dancing but for that long; square dancing pretty regularly again for 20-plus years, and round dancing—which is sort-of-ballroom to called moves, as in square dance—for about 18 years. So I’ve enjoyed a lot of dancing—part of it with my beautiful Allee.

I must say I’m impressed, if I thought about it: I also teach classes on a wide variety of subjects for our Senior University Georgetown, which I helped found; plus give occasional talks on various subjects for various groups in the area. I have lunch with friends and talk about various intellectual issues. My kids love us and we visit them a couple times a year. The song fests I hosted are past, but I now sing for our Sun City Singers, rehearsing much of the year for three performances, and so forth.

Right now we’re down-sizing and what a job that is! So much “stuff” that at one point was treasured, but now evoke wonder and a small mixture of dismay at having gotten it and hardly used it. Halloween costume stuff in boxes now sitting out.  Enough for now.

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