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I Did It Thy Way

Originally posted on February 6, 2016

One of my favorite songs to sing in the shower over the last few decades is the Frank Sinatra theme song, “My Way,” (the words actually by Paul Anka); but about ten years ago in the shower Uncle Bud, my conscience, said to me, “Come on, you didn’t do it your way!” “Whaddaya mean?” says I, challenging him. He listed ten occasions when he sorta pulled my butt out of the fire. “Okay, so?” “Well, I just want you to notice that you by far did not do it your way. You did it our way.” (He was referring to the committee of about 30 angels who coordinate my life.” “Well, hm, would you accept 17%?” He shrugged, “Whatever.”

About a year ago I had thought again and called him. He’s always right there. I said, “Er, seven percent?” He shrugged, “Whatever.” But I could sorta-kinda see him smiling.

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