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Who’s Right

Originally posted on January 6, 2016

On a website, , the writer of a blog criticizes a New York Times essay by Barbara Ehrenreich, a best selling author. The essay criticizes the “selfish side” of thankful-ness. The criticism suggests that she may have misread the research? My response is that this is a meaty topic for sociodrama. Of course there are valid viewpoints from many directions.

This dialogue illustrates the value of sociodrama—or really, axiodrama—an action and dramatic exploration of the problem. To enact different interpretations would clear the air. Yes, perhaps thankfulness can be selfish, it can be also non-selfish. Words can open doors and should not be taken as definitive. This is the sort of thing that illustrates why debate is an early 20th century form. While this mode of presenting problems still functions, it also lacks the idea that the challenge today is to get past arguments and to work things out. Thinking that one side needs to be proven right and the other side wrong is so early 20th century!

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