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A Personal Greeting

Originally posted on August 27, 2015

Good morning. This posting is aimed at you. Yes, you! Ah, what a weird world: I don’t even know your name. I don’t know to whom I’m writing, or who I’m writing to (to use more common but technically incorrect grammar). By the way, my mind tends to fly off into eddies like that, parenthetical statements, associations, and so on and so forth and etc. “And etc.” is redundant since et cetera means and so forth. That sort of digression.

But to return to you, the unknown reader of this email. Perhaps you are known, but I don’t know it. I might be surprised that you are reading this. I don’t have any idea how many and what kinds of readers I have on this blog, but hello there! This is just a morning walk in a sense and perhaps I’ll meet you unexpectedly on the way.

My life, thank you, is progressing both uneventfully (in terms of major events) and fully eventfully in terms of minor events that I wouldn’t dream of burdening or boring you about, like my eggs, potato, and bacon omelet this morning. My life is full of humdrum keepin’-on-keepin’-ons” like that. There is a peculiar satisfaction with mundane tasks of dish-washing and laundry, fulfilling life’s meaning for that part of me that is rather simple. All can’t be profound, and indeed much is not.

So that’s a little peek at my truth. I do well, sometimes; I mess up, sometimes. (Don’t even ask about the many spelling mistakes that are so easily corrected that you never even see them. Yay computer keyboards! Yay erase keys! Boo cross out in ink on paper. Such material realities can get us down. Not that I ever let it get me down, however many mistakes I did. I preferred to have cross-outs and messes. But then, I didn’t get extra credit for neatness.

Well, this is just an outreach to mumble a bit and perhaps exchange hellos, the way ants do on the ant path. There’s a world of subtlety in an antenna-touch.

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  • David Blatner says:

    All writing is writing into the abyss. It is our human need to communicate what we have in our little heads, to pass on the data, to bridge the gap between minds and across time.

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