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More on the “War Against Drugs”

Originally posted on August 6, 2015

I’ve noticed a number of recent articles in current journals—Time, National Geographic, etc.—that speak to the argument for the legalization of marijuana and the counter-push, the “War” against drugs. Tobacco and Alcohol are excluded from this “war,” please note, in spite of the extensive damage they do to health. In a recent book titled the Chasing the Scream, the author notes how J. Edgar Hoover, the leader of the FBI in the mid-20th century, built a rather hypocritical career on the war against drugs, and racist themes are emphasized. I recommend this book as well as others who are raising their voices against this major source of income and “success” in the police and prison guard “industries.” I spoke about this at a local lifelong learning program. Just sayin’—trends in culture seem to be aligning.

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