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Peace and Quiet

Originally posted on June 25, 2015

Ahhh. We have disguised our little withdrawal space as an inoffensive bedroom within a little seemingly ordinary house on a suburban street in a nondescript section of an ordinary town in a quiet and stable region of a relatively peaceful country on an ecologically stable (for now) planet in a solar system in mid-process—neither beginning nor ending—at the mid-far-out region of the milky way galaxy among innumerable others—in other words, where I suspect “they” cannot find me, if indeed they are still looking, or if they ever even bothered to look, which I doubt. One of the troubles with obscurity is that one drops from being historically relevant. I think “they” forgot to search for me, or gave up after a while, even if they ever started.

Anyway, ahhh. Obscurity. Peace and quiet. But there are so many source beckoning, appealing to my caring. It’s hard to resist. On the other hand, it’s getting tiresome to care all that much, and this pull and push has become a relevant theme—though it’s growing duller with time.

It cries out against the claims of grandiosity. Between my reading books by Harold Lamb about Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, and conquerors as a young teen, and the Jewish Haiku:
    Is one Nobel Prize
     so much to ask from a child
     after all I’ve done?
Haha. I confess to having desires for grandiosity, not only as a young teen. Unconsciously I retained the belief that anything else would be a disappointment to my parents. These, I’m happy to say at long last have been dampened. I settle for God saying, “You helped,” and I then resting in peace.

Generally I have begun to try to withdraw from politics. There are just so many worthy causes, so many things to get annoyed or indignant or compassionately miserable about, and I’m needing to make more an more discriminations and priorities! Still, there are a number of causes I support:
   – withdrawal from the war on drugs, a more libertarian stance.
   – support for a national health care plan, akin to Canada’s, over and against the unconscionable domination of medicine by the pharmaceutical cartel and the ethos of big business.
  – other things.

I justify my withdrawal by reminding myself that I’m very fully involved in life, in singing, dancing, clubs, teaching, guest speaking, friends, family, etc. I have many interests—so I can afford to pull in my wide tentacles, go to a used book store without having to buy and take home yet more stuff, etc. I’ve been giving classes at my Senior University Georgetown that represent complexes of my thinking, and thus shucking off to some extent those complexes.

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