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The Teardrop

Originally posted on June 6, 2015

Or maybe it should be called wiggling through evolutionary time, over millions of years. Of course it’s multi-dimensional, very much so. But simplifying it all, in the cause of imagination: Most are in the bulbous middle, some a bit more ahead, “civilized,” some more toward the tail, “savage.” But all are needed for progress, and the rear parts help the forward parts advance.

Being multi-dimensional, ideas of higher or lower or forward and back should not be imagined to equal better or worse, more or less important. We’re all in this together. Still, some are emerging into more encompassing consciousness than others, and as ideologically democratic as we may be, there are others who are more intelligent, educated, free, curious, and in other ways more than most. It’s complicated by the fact that some people are excellent in technology but others find them to be moral degenerates. Who values whom as “better” then becomes a source of conflict which wiggles the tail, so to speak. (In time the “organism” will “move” in other ways, just to play with the metaphor.)

But at this point, that’s the way it goes. Being trans-dimensional, beyond-space-time, the evolution of humanity cannot be evaluated by people caught up in their own value system— including being more articulate (i.e. handy with words), and therefore evaluated without bias. A measure of surrender is indicated, since all this is far “bigger” than our feeble brains can comprehend.

One Response to “The Teardrop”

  • David Blatner says:

    But what about Absolute Truth?! What about the Moral Scaffolding on which Everything is based? What about Words That Start with Capital Letters?!

    Oh, sorry, I dropped into lower consciousness for a moment. Or I guess I should say “slipped sideways into different consciousness”? 🙂

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