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There’s More

Originally posted on April 30, 2015

Yes, there is more to this existence that what we see. We discovered stars and galaxies way beyond what was visible, and a micro world and a world of atoms and sub-atomic particles below that. Centuries earlier we discovered whole worlds of people and lands that the Euro-centric world hadn’t known about. Now I’m daring to suggest that this whole vast universe—which we keep exploring beyond its boundaries—is only the reality within three dimensions.

The realms of mind take it far beyond, and I doubt that counting dimensions as if we could be specific, with boundaries, will do. It may be that there are infinite dimensions of mind, as far as our 3-D based mind can perceive. Mood, humor, surprise, music, etc.—so many permutations!

Starting with vivid dreams, and creativity, and other mysteries, it came to me that Plato’s parable of the cave was right, and that he must have eaten some magic mushrooms. So here’s the deal. What if our 3-D reality, our “solid” world, is really a co-creation of innumerable minds, all coming together from innumerable realms, dimensions. We tap into that wider realm in our dreams and bring back small fragments to figuratively “chew” on, little by little building up what we call progress.

In the last century the rate of co-creation and invention threatens to break through the veil of illusion, a little like shipbuilding technology advanced to the point of intercontinental travel five hundred years ago. Whole new worlds opened up, or in our case, whole new dimensions.

This of course precipitated a host of paradigm shifts, many of which had been brewing for years. It began to be not okay to have slavery—just began, mind you—; and also an industry of horror and inhumanity. This began to reverse after it reached its apex in the Second World War, but residues of superiority of race or religion or economic status or other forms of inequality continue.

Part of the problem is dealing with evil, which in comic books people try to cope with using force rather than turning away. Evil wins every time if you engage it. So there’s that problem. Trying to deny the dark side is foolish, but turning away is another matter. It’s tricky.

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