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Celebrating Spiritual Metaphors

Originally posted on March 5, 2015

I have a pal named Russell Williams who is quite bright and spiritual and sometimes capable of saying just the best ol things. Writing about my intermingling dreams, he responded, daring to envision intuitively, “I felt the fundamental truth that our mind, a tiny minuscule cell of the infinite mind, reveals the unfathomable connectivity of consciousness (that is, God). (I responded that the cell metaphor in the mind is multi multi dimensional, not just 3-D.)

Russ went on: “The merging and mingling of your past and present dream states points to the timeless "Now" in which we play out life… Nothing ever lost, simply movement… Mysterious but not random; unpredictable but not chaotic. This formlessness is our essence. It is a rich moment whenever we are awake and alert to feel ourselves in the movement of the play of consciousness.

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