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The Ultimate Truth (Not)

Originally posted on April 29, 2014

Alas, after decades of considering what’s what, it’s not so much that I don’t know—that’s true—but I am quite sure that the “everything” cannot be known. Now there’s an apophatic stance that invites dispute!

I guess I agree with the postmodernist view that it’s all co-created. There are no objective standards that transcend our co-creation. More, what we create will likely need to be re-evaluated and re-created further by the next generation or the one after that. This is just the way it goes. There is no shame in creating something that was better than before—or so it seems—but yet may be surpassed by something our kids come up with.

This is uncomfortable for those who want final answers. It’s positively immoral in the minds of  those who think there are answers and we just aren’t following them! But those believers are blind to the fact that the answers they seen are the interpretations of rule by people they believe, and others don’t agree with those interpretations, or the authority of their interpreters. That the rules themselves might be interpretations by fallible interpreters seems beyond the imagination of true believers.

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