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It’s Complicated

Originally posted on April 19, 2014

Inner Whiner to God: Why does it have to be so complicated?

God (aka The Becoming Everything, among other sobriquets):
   “It’s not complicated from my perspective.”

Actually, credit where credit is due: This gem was said to me offhanded by my son, David. He didn’t realize how great it was at first! Other things from our phone call this morning:

Twenty years ago time didn’t seem to move as fast. Change in knowledge, available information, rate of changes happening: By the time it takes to learn new stuff and keep with the news and journals, new innovations will have come forward. Many people in a relatively innovative field haven’t kept up with what is today possible, the range of tools available.

One thing that has happened, for example, is that in making creative variations, a degree of play occurs. One learns what tools are available and which tools are right to use for a given occasions. David teaches this on his website. Then one goes back and explores, plays with, and discovers that other tools are also available, and/or with a little fiddling, one may vary the “right” tool to use for other, slightly different occasions. That’s the play element. One tries and fails without fearing failure, and if only one success comes with a hundred trials, that success, if kept, then becomes a standard.

He’s about tools for communications using pictures and word—i.e., desktop publishing; I’m about psychology, how we can broaden our capacity to think creatively in a creatively changing world.

One Response to “It’s Complicated”

  • David Blatner says:

    It’s both fun and frustrating to realize that almost every endeavor starts off feeling overwhelming and overly complex, and then, upon mastery, seems relatively simple. Remember learning how to drive? With all those buttons and gauges and mirrors to look at… I have started learning how to umpire my sons’ little league games, and it it amazing how complicated it is!

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