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Drama Therapy and Psychodrama: How They Belong

Originally posted on January 25, 2011

Last month I responded to an email announcing a workshop for psychodramatists and other creative arts therapists titled “Where Do I Belong?" I wrote:

You belong in the ranks of the cultural creatives, those seeking to help promote the transformation of consciousness on this planet. We’re at a tipping point of learning how to re-integrate the mythic and the right-brain, the holistic and the positive (faith-filled), the compassionate and excited! These, plus play, imagination, and intuition have been largely stifled in the mainstream Western educational process. Of course, you belong as a part of therapy that addresses those dynamics that cannot be accessed through mere talk therapy; but, beyond that, you also belong in education, in social action, in many spheres of life. You belong with all practitioners of applied drama and theatre in education, the arts and expressive arts therapies. You belong because you help people develop their imagination and spontaneity. You have much to offer to those who imagine they are healthy but still could grow more. Some day there will be a place for you as part of outreach programs in colleges and continuing education programs of all sorts. You belong with those who offer tools to help people imagine and improvise, when much of our culture’s background has served to stifle these human potentials! We are part of a sub-cultural skill development that aims at promoting creativity in all its forms, including socially, culturally, and spiritually!

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