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Springtime ‘Splanation

Originally posted on March 25, 2014

Somebody asked me, “Whaddaya mean, ‘Splanations’?” So okay here’s uh xample. 

Why does the cosmos go “bloom”? Well, first of all, most folks don’t even see spring bloom because it sorta sneaks up on you, goes too slow for your brain to sort it out. There are naked trees, then pregnant trees, then “Bloom!”  There they go into blossoms. The universe is like that only a trillion times slower. (It wasn’t a big bang, it was a big bloom. Just like Springtime.

According to theories, which are just ‘splanations, it happened a trillion times faster than spring blossoming at first, then it happened trillions of times slower. God does that kind of thing.

Now the great thing is that we now are at the point of a new kind of blossoming: Consciousness. The capacity to be aware that we are aware. We are in the midst of it. It started on this planet about 70,000 years ago give or take a little, and it will go on like the line of the song “Amazing Grace” suggests: “When we’ve been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun…”

We are at a very special time, a growing ability to realize that not only are we aware, but we participate in the universe becoming aware of itself, like a child’s first dawning of self-awareness. Wow! (I don’t presume humanity is the only sentient life form among the billions of stars each within billions of galaxies. I mean, come on!)

We now are in the middle of this blossoming process. Wowsie Woozie!! It makes me woozy to contemplate the thoroughness of this wowsie, the amazing-mentay-ness of our potential. It’s okay if you don’t immediately get it or go along with it or do anything to further it. Of course, if you can do any of those things it helps, and God needs all the help she can get. But it’s all wonder-full and wonderfully happening if it happens real gradually, which means its really okay if others don’t get it. Maybe their kids will, or grandchildren. It’s a process and we’re in the midst of it. That’s my myth for today.

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