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Originally posted on December 15, 2013

This is a term I just made up—one who enjoys contemplating. I confess I use the medium of the blog to go ahead and see what I’m contemplating —writing mini-essays. It’s a more prosaic type of poetry, articulated so as to explain. So it’s not just the suggestiveness of poetry, and I confess to being too lazy to artistically shape it to rhyme. Rather, I turn my art to getting an idea that seems a bit fresh, at least to me, and explaining it, at least a bit.

Not everyone does this, and I daresay I’m fairly good at it. Being a contemplateur expresses an emerging identity, and one I’m curiously rather fond of. I am settling into blog-posting, article writing, class-teaching, as forms of contemplation, of reflecting on my life. I find this great fun. I also do much else, sing, dance, love my wife, wash the dishes, and so forth—life maintenance. But I notice other strivings are dropping away, or at least lessening in intensity.

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