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Originally posted on December 1, 2013

My son has reacted to my bursts of postings: “ Pa’, do we need to adjust your medication or something?!” He was kidding, but he’s got a point. It does seem to be a lot for ordinary mortals. I am not all that much “better,” but I’m certainly not “ordinary.” (I used to think that what I was is not-that-good.” A mild inferiority complex.) Perhaps it might be better to say that I am not entirely “of this world,” a little myth I’ve created that I am part elf, an identity “revealed to me” so that I (in the prophet role) can turn folks on to daring to imagine more freely. Sometimes I get grandiose about this, and then I realize that most folks would find this presumption simply crazy, so I shrink back a bit.

I enjoy creating and if I accumulate some thoughts over the intervening days—I usually write a few a day—when I go online I dump them. It isn’t hypomania so much as the simple fact that I have a fertile mind (and imagination) and enjoy this art form, rather than numb myself out watching television.

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