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“Focusing Agents”

Originally posted on November 11, 2013

The following is only a mytho-poetic exercise: So imagine the living cosmos requires at some point in its evolution the development of a layer of advancing consciousness that can become reflective, can recognize itself as conscious, and from that, move into recognizing the world and the universe as emerging into consciousness. (That’s me! and maybe you, and many with human consciousness!) That is to say, one way to consider our true nature is that we are essentially focusing agents. A picture of this is on a webpage, Confabulations 31 . (At the following link you might enjoy other confabulations too, at the bottom of my listing of other papers.)

We need to develop a sense of self, some beginnings of a sense of meaning, an illusion of coherence in spite of the many roles we play. All this is built into being human. These are “archetypal” functions, primary instincts. Yet it’s also true that it’s useful to realize that there’s a deeper “source” self that transcends all these illusions. That’s what advance spiritual disciplines often cultivate, beyond the content of the beliefs of various religions.

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