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Applied Improv and Drama

Originally posted on January 7, 2011

There’s a message / blog I posted on a new connection: The Applied Improvisation Network.  You can see it halfway down.

It turns out there are over a thousand people so far exploring ways improvisation might be applied in a wide range of situations. Hurray! I’m hoping to find out more about this and perhaps encourage them!

Did you know that interactive and improvisational drama can be used as a powerful tool for education, professional training, therapy, for self-development, raising social awareness, and even recreation? I edited an anthology about all these applications in 2007. Drama done in this way—not scripted, rehearsed drama for passive audiences, but involving the audience as participants, and exploring issues in action—this is for social and psychological issues what a scientific laboratory is for chemists! It’s a coming thing, though most folks don’t know about it, though it requires a degree of courage to explore in this fashion. There are ways to create the proper spirit of play and safety, but most folks are conditioned by the performance demands of schools and other competitive activities, so there needs to be unlearning of the old ways while there is re-learning of the new ones. Hope I can get you interested in learning more. Lots about psychodrama and sociodrama and sociometry on my website, too!

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