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All Are Prophets

Originally posted on September 13, 2013

I was looking through one of Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations With God series of books and other media, and this notion occurred to me: You and I can imagine vividly, too. It’s just that there has been a cultural taboo against speaking or writing one’s inspiration and then claiming as did the prophets of yore that they came from a “higher” source.

I don’t buy the idea that either the prophets nor Walsh has a mainline and we don’t, or that he has less interference from personal conditioning or karma than you and me. Rather, I think, “Hey, if he can do it, you or I could do it, too!” In other words, listening to inner wisdom is a talent that is open to all who dare do that. I think most folks are capable of listening, channeling and preaching in response to these inner voices.

What’s crazy is thinking that these inner voices must be accepted by others, must be accepted uncritically. We are ready in this era to make a finer discrimination between imagining that something is “real” and imagining something is real enough to play with it. We don’t have to assume that our fantasies have to be so for the “consensus reality” or for other people; what counts is our evolving our own relationship to the cosmos. Indeed, I don’t even assume my inner voices or vivid ideas are literally and un-endingly true for myself! They’re just trial balloons, thoughts. Some I find useful, others not.

In other words, I think our culture is ready to develop the practice of conscious myth-making, letting inspiration be manifested, pretending, thinking out loud, without having to believe it and certainly without having to get others to believe these notions, too. It’s a matter of taking responsibility—a very multifaceted act, generally underestimated.

In the olden days knowing it was mythic or intuitive sort of meant that it wasn’t at all true. Not so! It doesn’t need proof or tradition—this or that image or story may work fine for you for now or forever. You aren’t bound to keep it, but you don’t have to lessen its power for you just because you and not some voice from the past thought of it.

An Example

Tonight is one of the High Holidays for the Jewish People—Yom Kippur. I don’t believe the religion, which was one I was raised with, but I honor my ancestors as carrying forth what most found to be a sustaining tradition. But let us for the moment imagine that God does speak as the “still, small voice.” How about these words?:

Greetings from the Source, as filtered through many layers of limiting transformers so as to protect your sanity. The intensity of the holy message is of course stepped down to adapt to your understanding general level, then finely calibrated to your unique combination of subtypes of intelligence and blind spots, puffed around so as not to jar too much your sensibilities, but adjusted to stretch you just a bit:

The message is that it’s time—not for a tribe to re-conquer Canaan, but rather for humanity to open to its heritage—just emerging anew—of allowing inspiration to come in to you directly. It’s time to relinquish your slavery to the idea that the Source spoke once in history some 3434 years ago, plus or minus a few hundred, and instead the Source informs all life and a great deal of what you don’t imagine as life, does it all the time, and in fact, as Spinoza pointed out, is everything.

The wrong understanding is that because everything as it now stands at least on earth is riddled with far less than perfection, it can’t represent any part of Source. But think: Kids are also imperfect. We’re all un-finished and ever-becoming! Even though some humans, like the one channeling this email, is technically all grown up, he has so much yet to learn! Your job is to help yourself and the world be better. You don’t have to try for perfect; just better is already a huge challenge!

Another awareness you’re ready for now is that you are a co-creator. I can’t do it without your becoming able to co-create it.

A third awareness is that you are being helped as much as you can open to help. It helps to know that helpers (forces of good, angels, whatever you want to call them) are really wanting to help, but you’ve got to step up fully to the plate, so to speak, and do what you can do, without yet being over-controlling. There’s a balance, oh, about 1/3. Not 1/4—that’s too flabby and “they” can’t grab hold. 2/5? There’s too much a demand that it has to be thus and so and they can’t get through the smokescreen.  About 1/3.

You’ve got to trust, too. If they don’t open doors, well, then, doors probably were not meant to open at this time. The stars are not properly aligned. The time isn’t ripe. Or maybe what you thought you want?—you might want to re-think that. Trust is a funny thing when you realize how many and varied are human desires and how often they are foolish—and if these desires are pushed, how often the desire turns into dismay or disaster. Funny, or maybe sad.

Now I don’t presume that what I hear is or must be the truth that is so for everyone. Makes sense to me, but then it lacks the lightning and impressive miracles that we fantasize as accompanying a major revelation. The real message is dig out what you sense is the most noble system of thoughts you can, and don’t be afraid to re-do them in a few years—and re-do them again later.

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