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Chariots of the Angels

Originally posted on August 23, 2013

In the late 1960s a book was published titled “Chariots of the Gods,” and its truthfulness was doubted by many. Still, it’s a great title, and if we shift from polytheism to a modified monotheism that includes many orders of angels, well, what do they get around in? It would be too easy to assume that they just teleported via mind. Where’s the fun in that?


When I was around 12, when I bicycled somewhere, I “really” zoomed all over the universe—well, mainly around Jupiter, where I dropped sunflower-seed-pods as pretend supply runs down to the sewer-system-lids on the pavement that were really domed settlements. Or was it pretend. Anyway, as I “flew through space” above the “colonies” and eating sunflower seeds and spitting the covers which were supply ships that were keeping these colonies alive, my space-ship swung through the breeze (the atmosphere is thick on Jupiter but my ship was streamlined) and thus made my way over to a pal’s house. The feeling of the air around me cooling me off was incredibly sensual! In my mind I was on a patrol over the surface of Jupiter in one of these ships.

Say, I just realized that this jibes with a favorite theme: Charles Schulz’ character in his Peanuts cartoon strip, Snoopy, is able to get so sweetly involved in his pretend-play! What I played is vaguely reminiscent of his “being” a World War One Flying Ace patrolling the skies over France and trying to shoot down the Bloody Red Baron.


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