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The Origins of My Cartoon-Doodles

Originally posted on December 14, 2010

There are other cartoons a-plenty on my website. somethinThis character, perhaps not elsewhere shown, is sort of a radio-head fellow, whose bodily hair goes from scalp to beard to chestal region to nether regions… vaguely akin to some characters of Al Capp in his Lil’ Abner Series.

As a youth I cartooned and he was one of the early figures in my opening my channels of inspiration to the realm of potential cartoon figures. All these characters “live” in the etheric-akashic neighborhood of “Cartoon-aria,” where cartoon characters live, have adventures, are born, dissolve, evolve, etc.  From “there” (which is beyond space/time) they are channeled as part of the axis of inspiration into form. We do this kind of thing with melodies, bits of song, dance movements, much of what “flows” as seemingly spontaneous.

It is fun and mind-expanding to begin to open a psychic “account” or web-link to this realm and allow doodles and cartoons to channel through you as a gentle exercise  that lubricates your psyche, inviting other channels to open. It’s sort of like my learning to access new tools for my “blog,” new ways to open to new resources, such as pictures!  (Many thanks to be expressed to my son, David Blatner, the inheritor of many of my chromosomes, as well as being a world-famous whatever it is that he does—something to do with computers… )

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