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Confabulations 13

Originally posted on November 18, 2011

How It Really Works

May I Dispute That?

I mean, how do you know how it really works!? What are you, omniscient or something?

“No, but I speak with the perspective of a higher dimension.”

“What if it isn’t “higher” as in value or access to truth, just another dimension. I mean, I’ll concede you have your own viewpoints and all, but they may be just relative!

What if I get the stamp of validation from my superiors, the archangels, or even God?

What guarantee do I have that this isn’t just a “higer” dimension in your universe, but it isn’t higher to us?

Alright. Ya got me, you clever sophist, you. I still love ya, though.

Aw, but it was a good wrestle, eh, ol’ pal?

Is philosophy supposed to be like this?


Above is a mandaloid diagram of the underlying structure of the cosmos. As an overall Gestalt it comes off, fits together, sort of, gives the sense of coherence and symmetry. Ah, there’s the rub. If you examine it closely it is chock full of kluge-y irregularities, imperfections, and chaotic intrusions from other dimensions. This is just like our world, lives, and minds. For example, we get the illusion of “self” as continuous, coherent, and rational —if you don’t look to closely.


The truth about these mandala forms are that they represent the deep soul expressing itself through its many facets. These diagrams could be imagined operating at two (ha!) levels: (1) the deeper soul infusing the deep soul with structure and energy, and the deep soul in turn informing the ego which adds its own complex modifications, thus making the individual whose existence and becoming is thus enjoyed (and suffered compassionately) by the “deepest soul.”


In South Asia, the Yogic tradition (which overlaps with the mystical Buddhist tradition) recognizes mandalas and levels of becomingness.

Below is a radiant soul that if perceived clairvoyantly expresses a rich soul chakra:

 A little embarrassed about unconscious defensiveness .. just burstin’ to reincarnate!.   Oh, my, so much to become!

To the right are some other expanding soul-diagrams, sort of mandalaforms, exploring various ways of being and becoming.

And to the left, one of the more powerful soul concrescences which hints at the vibrancy of vitality of emergent energies. Remember, spirit comes into three- dimensional space-time through a series of step-down transformations.

What, you want explanations in writing? Okay: this below left:


You may say that the mind that devised these drawings is living in “La-La-Land,” and you would be perhaps a little correct (see drawing on right). We all live in or overlap with thousands of associated “lands,” perhaps hundreds of thousands if we include our ventures into various dream worlds over a lifetime. In this realm to the right, laughter, play, celebration, singing, dancing, exulting, and ducks (cute little funny lovey quacky ducks, rubber duckies in the bathtub, and the like) all conspire to raise our consciousness into the realms of the joyous, so welcome them as part of your role repertoire. You may venture into La La Land the way you occasionally go to the Mall or the Fair. But do keep it alive in your possibilities!.

But Seriously, Now

The problem with all this is that there are people who may err on the side of either taking this too literally or even seriously and those others who may not take it seriously enough. These are jen-you-wine speculations, with all the honorifications thereupon attributable thereto and henceforth. If you don’t believe me, ask… uh… who indeed might be accredited and certified to affirm the aforementioned? I mean on this planet?  Well, then, go beyond, my friend, beyond and beyond the beyond! Reach deep into your imagination, through the portals that separate us from the influx of archetypal whatchamacallits from other dimensions. (They’re making movies about this now, can you believe it?)


We shall finish up this discursive digression into categories that have not yet attained their full value on this planet.


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