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A Confession of Faith

Originally posted on June 4, 2013

A personal myth: Which is to say,
      The older I get, I sort of think the following:
  Not that I believe any of this is literally true, of course.
   It is such a metaphor!
But, seriously, I do live deeply into it:
   That God/Universe is Awakening
      In a billion galaxies
         And at every conceivable level
    And I get to help (yaaaay!)
       However minute the help may be.
    Metaphorically, I’m a cell on a ridge
       Of the finger-prints on the tip
         on the finger on the hand
            of the limb of dancing Shiva Nataraja
    (keyboarding on the computer these words
       and many papers and blog);
    And also  (since He’s multi-dimensional)
       A cell on his toe-tip of His dancing foot
    And also (changing god-gender)
        A groping neuron in Her embryonic brain,
     A figurative awakening into more and more
        Consciousness of every type
           Taking billions of years.
     And also all the other roles in my life,
        Loving husband, father, pal, dance partner,
         Singer, etc.—each role yet another facet
           for interacting with others
              who are also helping God be born.

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