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August, 2012

“Too Sensitive” ??

So let’s say that 2.3% of people, or maybe it’s 8.4%?, are “too sensitive.” No big deal, there are those who are too nearsighted, or too all sorts of qualities. Evolution tries out all variations and sees what’s most adaptive. Up to now, we haven’t been able to use those qualities 99% of the time […]

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Dogma in the Postmodern World

As we’ve become increasingly aware of the nature of mind and its intrinsic complexity, I perceive a rationale for a postmodern perspective. The perception of a non-trivial truth must resonate through the wholeness of our being, and as we recognize several elements, the idea that two people can deeply experience (perception plus interpretation) in the […]

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Whither Dark Energy?

Why or how does the innate tendency towards complexity emerge in the cosmos? Teilhard de Chardin has hypothesized this tendency but it doesn’t coordinate with any present principles in physics. Still, I am not satisfied by most purely materialist theories. So I just had this idea, a wild speculation: What’s with Dark Energy, anyway? In […]

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Limitedness in Epistemology

I have been lucky enough to encounter a fair number of deep philosophers who consider the way the world is, and I have also developed my notions. Beyond the contents of the notions or myths or theories about which I guarantee you we can never know, there is the problem of epistemology: i.e., how do […]

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The Hell with Hell

It really is time to discard completely the notion of hell. Such notions abound in many religions that believe that there really is a metaphysical reality to everlasting punishment; that that punishment involves everlasting torture (and if you think about it for a moment—even just a moment—torture is designed to be the ultimate punishment beyond […]

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Hyper-Cosmic Metaphysics

What I call the “hyper-cosmos” is everything: It includes the material universe; and also all the permutations of both recognized physical forms and also psychic and spiritual forms of “energy” in the not-so-material universe; plus all permutations of mind in the pretty-much-non-material universe; and beyond that, the spiritual dimensions that are quite immaterial; plus, finally,  […]

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Tzimtzum Reconsidered

This title speaks to a re-thinking or re-interpretation of the Hebrew word, tzimtzum, which means contraction, and alludes to a mythic doctrine developed by Rabbi Isaac Luria in the 16th century community of Safed near the Galilee in Israel. So in the following myth I present the new story: In the beginning God’s presence was […]

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Extending the Parable of the Blind Men and Elephant

In a recent post I mentioned the recent probable confirmation of the Higgs boson, which is only a condensation (?) of the “Higgs field”—which is still very mysterious indeed. Indeed, there are many mysteries at the edge of what our most expensive and complex machines can access: Also there are the various models of subatomic […]

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Iconoclasm Revisited

My wife and I were chatting and I murmured, “I guess I’m a bit of an iconoclast.” She erupted vehemently—the word has very negative connotations to her, shallow, destructive rather than constructive, close to the sense of mere anarchy. Aha, here is another instance of certain words being nested in associations that are sometimes emotionally […]

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The Zibble-Zorks

My friends the Zibble-Zorks have told me that there are indeed human beings who not only do not believe in the sprite-ual realm, but—stay cool, friends—there are many who do not even know of their existence. So they asked me to post a picture of them and asked you or or your kids or grandkids […]

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