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June, 2012

Why History is Interesting

…and fun! Two reasons: First, it is an aesthetic and meaning-making function. We are a part of this stream of events and feel “rooted” in being for this and against that, and there are many roots, some thick and strong, others thin, wispy. Second, there is an accelerating process off communication and innovation, each building […]

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History of Psychotherapy

For those who might be interested, I’ve just posted several webpages that accompany a lecture I’m giving today on the history of psychotherapy. I would be open to suggestions for additions or revisions. It might be of interest to look at the many other papers I’ve written on different aspects of the art of bringing […]

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Cybernetic Communications

Folks used to think that communications were simple. I say X you understand X. Then we realized that to communicate well, the sender must be clear—from whence came editors, spell-check, revisions, etc. And the receiver should be educated. And/or the sender must calibrate vocabulary etc. to the level of the receiver if the goal is […]

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An acquaintance by email, Eric Kreuter, is writing about relevance. What an interesting word! It seems to connect in my mind with meaning, the sense of meaning, of being meaningful to others, to some cause, as needed, as having made a difference. It links also with a sense of self as rooted in a historical […]

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