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May, 2011

What’s Up This Month

Oh, my, sometimes I think my mind is like an artist’s studio, an “atelier,” with various papers or books, presentations being prepared or books someday to write or revise, blogs to post, papers to complete on my website. It’s not one thing after another, it’s a little bit of this, and then, now that I […]

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Culposcopy: Assessing Guilt

I was emailing with a friend and mentioned culposcopy—meaning colposcopy—I misspelled it. (It’s a gynecological procedure.) But my pal, Dr. James M. Sacks, who is both playful and wise, had the following take on it and I thought it was witty enough to post (with his permission): Dear Adam, Some of your best serious ideas […]

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Dimensions Beyond

One of the other ways the cosmos works is that it evolves. This includes the emergence of consciousness as a product of complexified mind, and the emergence of qualities associated with the capacities to be amazed, astonished, awed, reverent, reflective, thoughtful, inspired to theorize about, desiring to share, question, doubt, and in other ways bring […]

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Confabulations 2

Edited by Adam Blatner, Imagination-ologist (Part of Series on Textures of Reality—also known as: the Journal of {Very} Speculative Philosophy) Stop!! Don’t be decieved by my appearance. I am not — repeat — NOT— a clown! This is really the way I look! I have a very important message! You must believe me and take me […]


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Confabulations 6

(Part of Series on Textures of Reality—also known as: the Journal of {Very} Speculative Philosophy) You Want Proof? You want hard evidence? How about the mathematical equation that explains it all? Well, you’re in luck: Here ’tis. Irrefutable, if I may say so myself. Or, to quote a denizen of Through-the-Looking-Glass Realm, Humpty Dumpty (Lewis Carroll was […]


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Confabulations 8: Problems in Translation

  Ineffability That word means you can’t actually put it into language. Fie and fiddlesticks, say I. I can try, to Dream the Impossible Dream—read those lyrics! Of course, as noted on the upper right, in the language of a sage from another planet—one who chooses to remain anonymous not because his name is unpronounceable, […]


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Confabulations 7

Primal Forms: Their Anatomy and Physiology: An Introduction This is a topic that in truth is so complex that it would boggle a human mind right off its hinges. To begin with, we need a relative holistic view of the cosmos and its interpenetrating nature. Super-String Theory hints at the opening of the door. It […]


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Adam Blatner, Imagination-ologist   Confabulation is a term derived from psychiatry and neurology, describing the way some people make up stuff when they have certain kinds of brain damage. I realized that everyone makes up stuff, a lot, some more than others, but it tends to be a bit more aligned with consensual reality, whereas the […]


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Revising my “bucket list”—i.e., the things I want to do before I kick the bucket. Here’s how I think about it. Let’s say there are a thousand things I might do, and let’s plot them on a spectrum from 1 for things I hate to do to 100 for things I love to do. Most […]

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Some Other Foundations of Psychodrama

I just returned from attending the national conference of the American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama—the only national psychodrama association (though there are a number in other countries); and the first professional association (by about six months) devoted also to group psychotherapy. Two things impressed me: First, in my Acting-In, I describe a number […]

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