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December, 2010

The Origins of My Cartoon-Doodles

There are other cartoons a-plenty on my website. This character, perhaps not elsewhere shown, is sort of a radio-head fellow, whose bodily hair goes from scalp to beard to chestal region to nether regions… vaguely akin to some characters of Al Capp in his Lil’ Abner Series. As a youth I cartooned and he was […]

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Vaguely Quantitative Psychology

Sometimes I use percentages with decimal points when I write or talk, as if I knew with some precision what I was talking about. I don’t. These numerical affectations suggest two things: First, on one level, most of the time, I am serious about the general proportion involved, though the actual number really may be […]

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A Contemplation on Faith

I was moved by a plot of a short story, The Toynbee Convector, by the very poetic science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, whose writings I really liked when I was in my teens almost sixty years ago. Written in 1983, this story has some passages that I want to note: The story begins with a […]

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Liberating the Mediocre to Enjoy the Arts

One of my missions is to foster the liberation of the mediocre, which refers to the majority of the population. Most people are not all that great when it comes to singing or dancing or making music or doing drama or whatever—but these are important vehicles for self-expression, self-discovery, and having fun. It is a […]

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A Mythic Response to Feelings of Uncertainty

A friend asked me what I thought about two items and it occurred to me that what occurred to me to answer might also be worthy of being on my blog.  First: How should we live with the uncertainty of knowing yet not-knowing? What an evocative question! Okay, try this on, just improvising: As I […]

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Sing! Sing a Song!

I love the words from that Sesame Street song that includes the phrase, “Don’t matter if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear.” I’m interested in helping more people enjoy the arts—not just by witnessing, seeing, listening, but by doing, drawing, doodling, improvising, singing, drumming, dancing. I guess this might be a form […]

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Empty (?) Space

(This is a continuation of my trans-dimensional friend Zordak’s reports on his impressions of his visits to our planet and its associated space-time continuum.) In your material universe, things are denser than what you call dreams and as such, they tend to be far less evanescent. In our realm, and most of the others on […]

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Faith-ing is a word I use to express the idea that faith is something you do, not something you can “have.” It’s an activity of turning towards your highest values and a somewhat optimistic view of the possibilities in the future. Faith may not require that you think of the future as all rosy; rather, […]

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Zordak’s Journal (Introduction)

This is the first entry of reports by Zordak, a lil’ green guy who visits in his lil’ flying saucer in my back yard. We’ve become friends and he’s finally agreed to “write” this blog—with me as his amanuensis. Some might say he’s imaginary, like an imaginary playmate, but Zordak explains that a fair number […]

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