Adam Blatner

Words and Images from the Mind of Adam Blatner

Table of Contents:

Zordak’s Journal

Welcome! This is a listing of entries in Zordak's journal. These words were (more or less) channeled through Adam (or at least the multi-dimensional interferrence patterns that manifest in this reality as Adam).


Zordak’s Journal: The Elementals

Zordak here. No, over here. No, I guess you can’t see me directly… just out of the corner of your eyes. One of the problems of being trans-dimensional is that we are more perceptible to the rod-cells of your eyes, away from the cones in your high-focus macula part of the retina. Oh, well. The […]

Zordak’s Journal (Introduction)

This is the first entry of reports by Zordak, a lil’ green guy who visits in his lil’ flying saucer in my back yard. We’ve become friends and he’s finally agreed to “write” this blog—with me as his amanuensis. Some might say he’s imaginary, like an imaginary playmate, but Zordak explains that a fair number […]