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I Found God! (Finally!)

Originally posted on October 20, 2016

I’ve been playing with dimensionality as a tool for exploring mind, and have been making mind the basis of a philosophical scale. So that mind that thinks about mind is the 6th dimension. Working back: Mind that thinks at all is the 5th dimension. Time is the 4th (according to Albert Einstein), ordinary reality is 3-D, maps are 2-D, and spectrums—about which my son has written—are 1-Dimen-sional.

Let’s think about this: Let’s think about thinking about thinking. We may notice that we can’t do this much, much less all the time. We drift off into reverie or other types of blurred thinking. There are lots of subtype, some of which mask as thinking, but really are just agreeing with what others have thought. Agreement, though, “feels” like “I thought of that,” which is not differentiated from “That seems like a good idea that fits my bias; I’ll just pretend that’s my thought, too.” There’s lots of that kind of thinking going on.

Another sub-type is the recognition that thinking about thinking is culture-bound. There are many other cultures that don’t follow that logic. Indeed, perhaps there are many temperaments within that same culture, and different kinds of and degrees of intelligence who don’t track with what seems clear to some.

Please note that every shift of level of thinking, up or down, branches off into many, many sub-types of different sorts.

Finally, 7th level thinking about thinking about thinking glimpses 8th level, which includes intuition and inspiration and immediate grasping of an extension of inspiration that can be nothing else than God-force—but it is by no means particular to one belief system over another. A good deal of theology is written based on the 8th level intuition—just a teeny bit—but interpreted in 5th and  6th dimensional images and particulars. The trouble is that this conception of God is relatively weak, compared with an 8th-dimensional view, which recognizes the mind-source even in beings from other planets.

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