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On the Ant-Path

Originally posted on September 2, 2015

Here we are, two ants
Meeting on an ant-path.
   Antennas touch.
Hey, I know you!
   You’re part of OUR nest!.
(It’s amazing how sensitive antennas are.)
    You’re part of US!
    (There’s a definite mild kick-thrill
      in of us being together, even for a moment.
          Wow! US!)

(In another dimension far away
We’re in a beer-hall, drinking
   And singing, waving our mugs in time:
”The more we are together
   Together, together,
The more we are together,
   The happier we’ll be.
For your friends are my friends
And my friends are your friends!
The more we are together,
The happier we’ll be!”

There’s a word for this kind of fellowship:
      A “feel” for a social grouping.
   The warm feeling of fellowship!

But back to the Ant-Path:)

  Well, how’re ya doin?
     It’s nice to be together
   On this path
     Part of "our" colony.
Certainly you’re not part of "them"
    (Yeah, I know:
They’re ants too
    Part of the same ecosystem
       And have a right to exist
     The same as we do
  Yada yada yada.
     I sorta-kinda know that
  Not that I know what they’re talking about.)
     Now you, here, are one of US!
   I can taste-smell it.
     (It’s a good smell-taste,
        A familiar smell-taste.)
     Hi there!
All this in one brief touch of the antenna.
  In this timeless moment
    On the path.

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