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Wisdom-ing and Consciousness-Transformation

Originally posted on December 27, 2010

Hello, sports fans—er, well, if the sport is seeing how well we can penetrate the veils of illusion in which we live, or how well we can construct a more useful philosophy of life. Today I just posted on my website a couple of papers, both published in a now-defunct journal several years ago—or at least that earlier version of the journal no longer has the same publisher. One article is about the way consciousness transformation is a developmental process, if we but stay with it instead of lapsing back into the illusions of sufficiency. (I give the name “stupidity” to that illusion that what one has learned or knows is sufficient. In fact, it never is: There are always new frontiers opening up that make whatever is known if not obsolete, then perhaps irrelevant or limited in light of the wider perspectives or newer discoveries.)

The second article is about wisdom-ing—note that I’ve made the noun into a verb, meaning that it’s not something you are or achieve, it’s something you do. If you stop doing it, well, then, you’re not doing it.  There are many more contemplations and more extended essays on my website. Once you get there, browse around. There are also cartoons and other ways to have fun.

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