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Zordak’s Journal (Introduction)

Originally posted on December 3, 2010

This is the first entry of reports by Zordak, a lil’ green guy who visits in his lil’ flying saucer in my back yard. We’ve become friends and he’s finally agreed to “write” this blog—with me as his amanuensis. Some might say he’s imaginary, like an imaginary playmate, but Zordak explains that a fair number of things that are actually trans-dimensional seem imaginary to Earthlings. Not to worry.

Zordak communicates telepathically, because he can’t do language manipulation of sound-waves that involves pulses of air waves at moderately high frequencies. “That’s so three-dimensional!” he’s inclined to say when encountering another aspect of our more familiar world. He has several phrases of wonder and appreciation like that: “Ooh, electromagnetic radiations!” (I correct him: “We call them ‘colors,’ Zordak.” “Oh, let me adjust my filters. There. WOW!” They’re even more excellent when finely differentiated!”

Zordak is fun because he helps me get a whole new take on what I tend to take for granted: Gravity, texture, momentum, time, space, energy, inertia . . all these are lovely experiences for him. (Please excuse the gendered pronouns, “him” or “her,”– a product of local culture and even an archetypal human tendency to project our life on trans-terrestrial life. A more subtle form of ethnocentrism and anthropomorphism. It may take a while before we can get to a consciousness that doesn’t relate to other types of consciousness as higher, lower, terrifying, pitiful, heathen, enlightened, fortunate, unfortunated, talented, crippled, etc. But gradually our circle of not just caring but also recognition of non-valued differences is advancing.)

Today on an autumn walk dear Zordak, who had made himself invisible “so the neighbors won’t talk” was delighted to discover incredible jewels. I explained that they’re just autumn leaves. He tried to explain: “But look at those colors, the subtle gradations of color, the textured sub-designs! Notice how they can dance in circles in the breeze or run with the wind, like children at play, with abandon to the flow of energy around them!” He was all agape with wonder. Dear soul, he helped me to see autumn leaves in a whole new way.

We’ll hear more from Zordak in future visits. (“Future???” Oh, yeah, your universe has one-way time progression. I must remember that.”)

One Response to “Zordak’s Journal (Introduction)”

  • You really get me to thinking sometimes Adam. This is “Blackie” the Renaissance bug guy.

    As part of an exam for the Foundations of Chinese Medicine I was asked to answer a most unexpected question; the last question on the test.

    “If an alien from outer space with one big eye, tentacles oozing with slime, came to you for medical assistance, what would be your course of diagnosis and subsequent treatment protocols?”

    I had started to get a “feel” for the doctor teaching the class and was not surprised he would ask such a question but, I was surprised he required an answer as part of a graded exam.

    I recall that on some exams prior to any post-graduate studies I answered that type of question based on how relevant I thought the question was; goofy question equals goofy answer.

    This time I was prompted to think of things I had never thought of before from a realistic point of view. What if an alien from outer space really did need my help? What would I do?

    I responded with diagnostic methods and treatment protocols that I learned prior to enrolling in a school of Oriental Medicine (revolving around Medical Qigong, an energetic therapy not widely practiced) and precluding everything I was taught in the class.

    I got an ‘A’ on that exam and and ‘A’ in the class.

    So, if Zordak ever has any medical issues, I’m your man!

    Hope to have many future conversations.


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