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October, 2013

The Elves in Your Selves

First of all, your sense of your self as one self is to some degree an illusion. There is an ongoing dynamic that ties all your roles together so that you feel like a single self, and this dynamic can be cultivated so that your integration is flexible. This dynamic can also be transcended and […]

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Lords of the Dance

Well, actually a Lord in the British hierarchy of nobility is not all that high of a status. ("Lord" is how Marquess, Earls and Barons and their sons as well as the sons of Dukes are addressed.) But really I’m referring to third- or other lower order spirits of each dance, as if each dance […]

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Permutations of Seven

Permutation is a good word. It invites you to sensuously enter into the possibilities of the figure, to feel out how many ways it can play out. The word “permutation” invites my mind to cast loose of its bearings and float in a multi-dimensional space, making new connections, forming new “shapes” that really drift like […]

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I Thought I Had It Figured Out

… but then I woke up. Dang! I dunno, in the dream it made sense! Those little guys had a part to play in the grand scheme of things. Well, it seemed so. I was so gratified. The “aha” really felt good. But, then, “poof.” Aw, man, come on!

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