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March, 2013

On Critical Thinking

I suspect that many people who went to college and got exposed a little to critical thinking have not as yet learned what a radical bunch of ideas it involves, and how it applies to almost everything:   – what the relationships between men and women should be about   – how to parent or […]

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How We Become

This is a contemplation that deals with the need for repeated self-creation, and builds on the system of Individual Psychology that was developed in the 1920s by Alfred Adler. Adler noted that children by the time they’re five tend to have implicitly answered—made up a story—about (1) who they are; (2) who others are; (3) […]

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Yet Another Myth: Why Specificity

In a severely multi-dimensional universe, possibilities multiply logarithmically, and that’s nice. But there is a lack of specificity, it’s all swirly and dream-like. So (in this myth) God created a three-dimensional realm with matter and gravity and other features more familiar to us, all of which conspire to generate specificity. Our brains and lives are […]

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The Self Illusion

Recently I was pleased to discover a book with this title written by Bruce Hood, a professor of Developmental Psychology in Society at the University of Bristol, England. Subtitled “how the social brain creates identity,” (Oxford University Press, 2012) this book brings forth a good many aspects of psychology that are evaluated from the viewpoint […]

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Change the World!

I confess that I think that if people could use just a few techniques developed originally in psychodrama, it would indeed change the world! Let’s not argue yet; consider first some of the following: Admit Ambivalence People will not only seem more authentic to others, but will be able to work with mixed feelings or […]

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What’s Wrong & How To Fix It

Of course this title is presumptuous, but it’s a grabber. Really, I don’t claim to address all problems, as the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz movies sang in If I Only Had a Brain: “I would answer every riddle for every individ’le….” On the other hand, I do think that a great deal of […]

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