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September, 2011

Creating Celebrations

Did you know you could create your own rituals, ceremonies, celebrations? I’ve written about this in a paper on my website,    a chapter in my anthology, Interactive & Improvisational Drama, and also posted a supplement on my website for that book. They’ve got a national organization for training people who can serve as consultants for […]

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Can Evolution Explain Human Nature?

There’s a website that presents thoughtful people commenting on important questions. I attend a small discussion group that explores such themes, and they selected for our consideration the title question.  In addition to the really quite sensitive ideas of the people mentioned, here are some of my thoughts, too: The idea that anything can be […]

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The Crockensoon

When I was 14 (in 1951) Phil Harris sang a funny song on the radio titled “The "Thing,” which triggered my imagination. I cartooned and made up a back story about the discovery of this “Thing,” which was in fact a Fantasmous Crockensoon, a being of extraordinary something-ness. Intrepid Explorer Professoroid Norbert Q. Hackenthorpe (notice […]

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Optimal Effort: 32%

The other day a friend wrote on an email, “When we open our hearts, God opens our minds!” This got me thinking—okay, so,  if this were true, how would it work? First, let’s imagine, just for fun, that there are angels and that they manage meaningful coincidences, known as  “synchronicities.” I use this “big if” […]

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Intra-cellular Dynamics Illustrated

Here is a video my son found this on the internet and passed along. He wrote, "I understood 1% of the text, but the visualization of what’s going on inside our cells is astonishing. Check it out: A must see! … And I agreed. To this I would add the following comments: Yes! And what’s […]

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Deconstructing Multi-Perspectival-ness

(…or is it multi-perspectival-osity? I mean, can you just make up words like that?) The scene opens at an unnamed university, not in a secret bunker under a mountain, but right out in the open looking like a normal college campus. Zoom in on one nice-looking building, into a window in which a nice looking […]

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Multi-Perspectival Man Meets Modern-Man!

[Chapter 3: Previous episodes on August 29 and August 23] In this episode, Modern-Man protests, “Of course there is truth! It is out there, And we can and will discover it. Truth is at least in theory accessible. Everything fits, or at least would fit together, if we were only clever enough. It has to! […]

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