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August, 2011

Argument versus Reconciliation

My dear wife Allee and I have some of our greatest enjoyment in talking deeply. Rather than arguing, we listen and then try to not only understand, but express in terms of what the other might be thinking and feeling. We explored two key archetypes last night: I realized I’m settled into a sense that […]

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Considering Creativity

Everyone is creating a little in their lives all the time. It’s a fundamental category of existence-as-becoming. Not so many people consciously create, and even fewer make creativity a specific value in their lives. Part of the problem is that creativity has a very low yield of actual breakthroughs that would be recognized by others […]

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The Inevitability of Inconceivability

The expansion of our horizons has extended beyond mere vastness or sub-microscopic, beyond ultra-fast and astronomically slow, beyond the most powerfully energetic and near-indistinguishably delicate, to categories that become elusive and quite inconceivable. In chaos theory, the dynamics of fractals, the edges of cosmology and quantum theory and other attempts to determine ultimate principles, there […]

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Who Am I?

I have a very diversified portfolio of roles. I’m thinking of reorganizing my website to reflect this, because there is a gradual decline in the degrees of investment of time and energy given to the more professional roles and a gradual increase in the levels of activity in more playful and life-savoring roles. At present […]

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My Visions for the Future

I am a visionary. I don’t claim to be all that great at it, but it’s what I do: I envision what could be. In terms of Jung’s theory of temperament, I’m an intuitive type, I naturally think about things in terms of future possible implications. I’ve also been exposes to a bunch of ideas […]

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