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February, 2011

Misunderstandings Abound

I recently inquired about some item that I wasn’t sure I should be looking for somewhere in the context, but the person I asked took it as an implied complaint, as if she “should” have had it there for me. I hadn’t even thought such a thing; there was no reproach in my mind—but the […]

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Sharing Your Story

I’m suggesting some reasons why it would make sense to weave in a degree of group dynamics, sharing our stories—especially the stories of our spiritual journeys—, listening, offering support to each other, and even deepening this exploration together using certain psychodramatic methods. We were raised in an era before actual spiritual community. Some of us […]

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Hoodwinked by Expert Culture?

An acquaintance wondered if I was “hoodwinked by expert culture.” What a provocative phrase! (Provocative is a compliment, because it provokes my thought, not my defensiveness.) I responded, “You might be right. Blind spots happen.” But what is “expert culture?” Is it the received knowledge of the dominant worldview, what is taught by those whom […]

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Mind/Brain Research: A Dialogue

A few days ago my friend John asked me to think about and respond to a few questions he had, and it occurred to me to also post it here:  1. J: What is new concerning mind/brain research?     AB: tons, but much is still preliminary, and has little relevance to anyone. What relevance it […]

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What is Applied Theatre?

There’s an emerging field, a sub-set of the theatre arts, that differs from ordinary theatre in that it’s not done just for entertainment. It’s used for education, social action, community-building, recreation, personal development, therapy and rehabilitation, business, religion, and so forth. It’s been emerging for a few decades, but most modern books on theatre don’t […]

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Living in Exponential Times

What a phrase, “exponential times.”  A five minute YouTube clip emphasizes this:  . I was told that the Sony Corporation played that clip at an annual shareholder meeting. My friend, Ed, who sent me this went on to say: “It has ever been thus, but in exponents there is a cusp where things do change […]

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